About Us

Max-Design Ltd is Hungarian-owned private company located in Mogyorod, Hungary which about 15 minutes from Budapest. We provide the construction of small to medium uniquely-designed Exhibition Stands. Most of the exhibitions we participate are all over west Europe. We put up to about a hundred stands each year.

Founded in 2008, it was established by people with expertise for more than a decade in the business.

We currently have about 40 experienced personnel whose professionalism and dedication is unparalleled. At peak seasons, we also work with partnered companies to meet client demands.


Please find below the structure and working system of our company.


We try to make sure we understand you. Apart from Hungarian, we are well-versed with the English and German languages.


We make sure we exceed your expectations. From the drawing board to the realization of each stands, our crafts are executed by qualified carpentry, painting, and graphics staffs. You name it, we have it.


We value the business of our clients. Therefore, we keep an eye on every project. Every detail. The building and dismantling carried by our team -be it a team of two or thirty staffs, are given supervision by our team leaders.


We also deliver. We have our own trucks therefore we are able to provide the transport. We are also provided with the transport services by a contractor in case additional trucking is needed.

We listen. With the continuous flow of new ideas and technology, and designs, we continuously communicate with our clients to be able to render the requests and demand with the attention and precision to every detail.

We have a long list of clientele whom we have been working with for quite some time. A simple yet strong proof about our commitment to quality, dependability and mostly, professionalism.

Our clients compose of European, the Far East, and the neighboring Asian countries.

We hope that we can do business with your company in the near future.